Part III: Ardmore à la Belge

Our 3rd creation: a completely different beast than what you are used to. An exclusive bottling of a heavily peated Highland Single Malt Scotch, bottled in two different ways. One part fully matured on an ex-bourbon cask and one part finished on a Russian Imperial Stout cask (Dead Man’s Hand).

4 bottles or pure comparing- and tasting pleasure.

What to find in the box

  • 1x 35cl Ardmore Single Malt Scotch 58%ABV
  • 1x 35cl Ardmore Single Malt Scotch DMH finish 55,7 %ABV
  • 1x 33cl of Dead Man’s Hand beer 10%ABV
  • 1x 33cl of Dead Man’s Hand beer barrel aged 10%ABV

The Concept

For this edition we went for a real cross-pollination of flavours. We selected a marvellous 13yr old Ardmore whisky, with its typical smoky flavours, and we partnered with Belgian brewery Het Nest, which is famous for its playing cards themed beers.

The Whisky’s

That’s right, you get both the original and the finished whisky in the box.

Our 13yr old Ardmore selection, finsihed on the Dead Man’s Hand cask for about 9 months.

The Beers

Same principle here: you can expect the original and finished beer in the box.

One of Het Nest’s flagship beers is called “Dead Man’s Hand”. A Russian Imperial Stout of 10° Alcohol.

“Het Nest” created a batch of stout specially for us. After the brewing process, we finished the beer on the same cask that was used for our original Ardmore maturation.

Some months later, the beer was bottled, and the barrel was sent back to Scotland for our whisky finish.

The Result

This 3rd edition distinguishes itself from the previous boxes as it offers a crazy full circle tasting experience. You get to taste the original Dead Man’s Hand beer, the barrel aged Dead Man’s Hand beer, the original cask strength bourbon matured Ardmore Single Malt whisky and the cask strength Ardmore Single Malt whisky with Dead Man’s Hand beer finish.

Whisky Specifics

  • Distilled, matured en bottled in Scotland
  • Unchillfiltered – Natural Colour
  • Cask Strength,
    • Original Ardmore: 58% Vol.
    • Finished Ardmore: 55.7% Vol.
  • 13 years in refill Bourbon cask
  • 9 months finish on a Russian Stout Cask.
  • Distilled: 12/08/2008
  • Reracked: 14/06/2020
  • Bottled: 15/09/2021

How to Order

Orders go via our distribution channel at Thistle Spirits:

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